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Integrated Recruitment Ltd specialises in helping businesses recruit more effectively but is not a recruitment agency. We work with businesses to develop their recruitment strategy which enables them to make better appointments, save money and regain control.

People are a business’s greatest resource but finding and retaining the right people at the right time can be complex for companies with no expertise in recruitment. A proper recruitment strategy starts with creating the right experience for the person applying for the role. This can include managing their expectations of the role, right through to induction and onboarding. Getting this right will make more of a positive impact on a business than any other area, as the key to success is your people.

We're different from an agency

We don’t do it for you; we work with you to help create a bespoke, integrated recruitment strategy for your business that works across all roles. Our service is flexible so whether you just need a helping hand to put the right strategies in place or want regular, ongoing support, we tailor our service to your needs.

So if you’re tasking recruitment to the office manager or department heads with limited success, failing to attract the right people, finding that new starters don’t stay for long or just think that it could be better – we can help you.

Because getting the ‘who’ right, starts with the ‘how’.

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