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Case Study
Recruitment Case Study: Right Medicine Pharmacy

How we helped Right Medicine Pharmacy address a lack of consistency in recruitment across 27 branches and help all managers improve their interview skills.

Video interview
Why video interviewing should become part of your recruitment practices beyond lockdown

Businesses are finding ways to continue to recruit during lockdown but could solutions such as video interviewing be valuable as a permanent recruitment tool beyond lockdown?

Virtual job interview
In a time of uncertainty, should you pull all recruitment?

As the current Coronavirus situation presents significant challenges for businesses, many may put recruitment on hold. There is, however, a strong case for continuing with current plans. Here’s why.

job ads
The 8 most common mistakes in recruitment

It is difficult to get recruitment right if you don’t have anyone trained in this discipline. These are the most common mistakes that SME businesses make in recruitment and could explain why you’re not attracting the right people.

job interview
What are the measures of success in recruitment?

If your only measure of success in recruitment is “appointing a great candidate” you are missing a trick. Here is why your recruitment requires meaningful objectives.

gdpr blog article by integrated recruitment
GDPR compliance in recruiting

Compliance with legislation is already a key part of recruitment but GDPR legislation creates an additional layer of complexity for recruiters. Here’s what you need to know.

top 7 recruiting trends
Top 7 Recruiting Trends for 2020

Recruitment is an integral function of any business but how well do you do it? Here are our top 7 trends for recruitment in 2020.

is using recruitment agencies a bad idea
Is using recruitment agencies a bad idea?

Recruitment agencies can be expensive and they may not truly ‘get’ your business but are they always a bad idea?..

recruiting without recruitment skills or experience
Recruiting without recruitment skills or experience

Successful recruitment is so important to all businesses but how can you do it well if you don’t have the skills and knowledge internally?

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