Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in continuous improvement and that can only happen by consistently asking whether things can be done better.

These are the most frequent questions that we get asked about making recruitment work better:

Our approach to recruitment is different from that of a recruitment agency: we look at the whole strategy of recruitment so it’s a much more holistic way of doing things. An agency may start with a job description that you provide. We take a step back and start by considering the requirements of that role and how it fits into your business. Then we help you craft the job description, the nature of which may be different to the last time you advertised it or the way that the previous person did it (businesses constantly evolve so you can never assume job roles always stay the same). Recruitment strategy is then all about making sure all the elements of recruitment are done well and that you have the right processes and skills in place. Failing to find the right people can often be linked back to failure to create the right recruitment strategy.

This can vary, depending on what you need. The essence of what we offer is enabling you to take control of your recruiting rather than relying on recruitment agencies (though they do have their place for the right roles) or placing arbitrary job ads without a real strategy behind them. We can work with you to create the right strategy and build your in-house skills and then handover to you, or we can work on an ongoing retained basis. Discounted rates are available for longer term, retained contracts. Contact us for a free, no obligation discussion.

If you are regularly using agencies for your recruitment then you will be spending around 20% of the salaries of the roles you’re recruiting for. If you work with us you will certainly save money in the long term: not just in terms of saving the agency fees, but by achieving better economies of scale (from a more joined up approach), reducing the time taken to appoint and making better quality appointments. See our simple cost calculator on our about page.

This is one of the most common questions people ask but the truth is that this will vary widely, depending on the type of role and industry. It certainly won’t be appropriate to advertise all of your posts in the same place and there are literally hundreds of options, at varying costs, including job sites, sector specific channels, social media, your own resources and even headhunting. We can work with you to select the most appropriate channels to help you target the best quality candidates.

Yes and no. Certainly tasking someone with recruitment who has no experience or support is never going to bring you much success. However, we specialise in helping companies who don’t have a recruitment resource in-house and work with them to create the right strategy and develop the skills and processes to recruit well. We can support your existing staff to build their expertise or become your virtual recruitment manager at whatever level your business requires it. Our service is entirely flexible and tailored to what you need and when.

As you would expect, recruitment is subject to a range of legal requirements from anti-discrimination laws to how you manage people’s data such as GDPR. Without a good understanding of these laws, guidelines and best practices, recruitment can become something of a minefield. Because recruitment is all we do, we know the legal requirements and will help you remain compliant throughout the recruitment process.

If you are not attracting the quality of candidates that you need, you may think that the issue is that they’re not out there. In reality, it’s more likely that you’re just not getting the recruitment right. This is more than just not advertising in the right places, it’s about defining the role appropriately and presenting an attractive opportunity to your field of candidates. Get that wrong and it wouldn’t matter where you advertised your roles. To recruit better candidates you need to take a step back and consider the recruitment strategy as a whole and this is what we specialise in. Contact us now for a no obligation chat about your recruitment issues.

Recruitment is about much more than finding the right people; it’s about retaining them as well. The cost of recruiting and then inducting a new member of staff only for them to leave within the first year is expensive but also avoidable if you have the right recruitment strategy. By defining the role well, working in collaboration with your candidates, managing their expectations and onboarding them effectively, you will find that your retention rates vastly improve. We can help you achieve this.

Recruitment can be expensive and not just in terms of agency fees. The cost of advertising, the time it takes, the opportunity costs of having roles vacant and the disruption of induction and training can all be significant drains on the business. Having a joined up recruitment strategy can reduce or even eliminate all of these costs as well as creating economies of scale, efficiency and better retention rates. Speak to us about reducing the cost of recruitment or see our simple cost saving calculator on our about page.

Absolutely! This is the area we specialise in: helping small to medium sized businesses that don’t have any specific skills or expertise in recruitment within the company. We can work with your existing staff to help them create a recruitment strategy and develop the skills and processes or we can step in to provide ongoing support for you on a retained basis – whatever works best for your business.

Yes we can. While we primarily work with organisations who don’t have the skills in-house, we can equally offer support for those who do. Whether bringing an external perspective on your recruitment strategy or policies, taking on specific projects or helping out with recruitment drives, we can provide your recruiters with an extra pair of hands on a flexible basis.

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