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As American entrepreneur and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman once said

‘No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team’

Like Reid, we believe there is strength in numbers. That’s why, when you choose to work alongside us, you’re choosing to form a strategic recruitment partnership with an entire recruitment team. 

Director Charly will be your first point of contact. Together, you’ll work to understand your business’ biggest pain points and devise a strategy that will help relieve these pressures. From there, she will decide which members of staff are best suited to support you operationally. 

It’s in our best interest to get this right. After all, your success is our success. 

So, without any further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the friendly and hard-working people that make up the Integrated Recruitment team. 

What better place to start than with Founder and Director, Charly Melia. 

Charly started working in the recruitment industry when she was just 17 years old (no guesses as to how many years ago this was) and hasn’t looked back since. She loves talking to people, asking questions, and building relationships and believes that if you can do these three things well, you can make a go of it in recruitment. 

Over the years, Charly has gained a vast amount of experience working in recruitment agencies, outsourced recruitment providers, and internally within corporate businesses, and has helped these businesses to save millions of pounds through developing, implementing, and executing recruitment strategies. 

For a long time, Charly knew she wanted to set up her own business, and this dream became a reality in February 2020 when Integrated Recruitment was officially launched (just one month before the UK’s first lockdown). 

As a specialist in recruitment strategy, Charly wanted to take her in-depth knowledge and experience and use it to help businesses revolutionise their recruitment process. Rather than racing against other agencies to provide companies with ill-suited CVs, she wanted to create a company that offered real value. One that helps businesses bring in only the right people at the right time. 

And that’s precisely what we do here at Integrated Recruitment. 

Quick-fire Charly fact: Charly loves food. If there’s ever the opportunity to head out for lunch or dinner, she’s there… with bells on! 

Founder and Director

Charly Melia

Born and raised in East London, Operations Manager Cath moved to Yorkshire when she was 18 years old and has lived here ever since (a decision we’re particularly grateful for). 

Despite being relatively new to the recruitment industry, Cath’s wide-ranging experience gained from previous roles in Resource Planning, Field Operations, and Business Intelligence over the last 20 years has made adapting to this new industry easy. 

Often described as the yin to Charly’s yang, Cath helps Charly run the business by providing her with those all-important metrics. A whizz with reporting and interrogating numbers, Cath also provides KPI data to our clients so they can see exactly what goes on behind the scenes. 

Quick-fire Cath fact: Cath has a black belt in Aikido and used to teach Karate! 

Operations Manager

Cath Essex

After a 10-year stint living in New Zealand, Jo returned to the UK in July 2021, and we were quick to snap her up as a Recruitment Manager. 

Over the years, Jo has gained a valuable blend of experiences, from working as a HR Business Partner to working in recruitment both internally and within an agency.  She absolutely excels with client relationships and, by focusing on understanding their specific needs, is able to find them the very best new hires. 

Thanks to her HR background, Jo can partner with internal stakeholders both strategically and operationally, complementing Director Charly’s background and skill set. 

Quick-fire Jo fact: Jo is a talented piano player!’

Recruitment Manager

Jo Fili

Bringing a dose of testosterone into the office is Recruitment Manager, Jake.

Having worked in both sales and recruitment environments across Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, Jake has ambitions to help Integrated Recruitment grow into one of the market leaders… an ambition shared with Director Charly and the rest of the team too!

Like Jo, Jake is responsible for developing new business opportunities and managing client relationships. He spends much of his time hunting down the right person for each and every client and won’t stop until that position is filled.

When asked what Jake’s quick-fire fun fact is… Apparently, plenty!

Recruitment Manager

Jake Betteridge

‘Senior Recruitment Advisor Annabel joined Integrated Recruitment at a time when the business was experiencing serious growth, and has helped to build on this momentum ever since.

Like many other members of the team, Annabel recruited for a diverse range of companies and industries before joining us – including schools across West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, and even the NHS.

When working as a recruiter for NHS 999 in particular, adaptability and flexibility became second nature for Annabel. She has leaned heavily on these skills since joining our team in order to understand client businesses and job roles quickly.

Quick-fire Annabel fact: If she could bottomless brunch 24/7, she would!’

Senior Recruitment Advisor


Like Operations Manager Cath, Resourcer Ashley found herself drawn to the beauty of West Yorkshire, having spent most of her life in the south of the country.  

As one of two Resourcers within the team, Ashley works hard to keep us all on track (an often difficult task on a Friday afternoon) and is also responsible for arranging interviews and keeping the applicant tracking system up to date. 

Ashley is incredible with our candidates and always provides a first-class experience, making them feel at ease from the very first meeting (in person or online). She’s thrilled to have the opportunity to not only grow her career but to help others do the same along the way. 

Quick-fire Ashley fact: She has a passion for music and loves to sing! 

Recruitment Advisor

Ashley Parkinson

Last but by no means least, we come to Katy, who also works as a resource for our ever-growing team. 

Like Ashley, Katy spends much of her day-to-day working alongside Recruitment Advisors Jo and Heidi to hunt down the very best candidates on the market.  

Thanks to her background in insurance, where she spent several years providing quality customer service, Katy is a natural when it comes to engaging with our clients and candidates every step of the recruitment journey.  

She also works hard to keep our systems and databases up to date – a task which is no mean feat! 

Quick-fire Katy fact: She shares her house with 5 crazy dogs!  

Recruitment Advisor

Katy Laverick

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