Recruiting without recruitment skills or experience

Workplace Diversity

Aside from sole traders and micro businesses, even the smallest of companies have to recruit staff but few will have anyone with HR skills, never mind specialist recruitment expertise. This often results in piecemeal recruitment conducted by various managers without a joined up strategy.

So, what can you do?

Many turn to recruitment agencies and that can work well – agencies certainly have a place for the right kinds of role – but it can be very expensive with most agencies charging a fee of anywhere between 10% – 25% of the annual salary of the role.

Being able to conduct your own recruitment, and do it well, is the ideal:  if you have the right strategy and processes it can pay huge dividends for organisations including cost savings, time savings, effective staff and minimal disruption. It can seem daunting but it is possible.

One of the main reasons that recruitment is difficult if you don’t have the skills or the training is because it’s often knee-jerk. An employee leaves so someone gets the task of finding a replacement – often an office manager or department manager. They dig out the old description, if there even is one, and stick a job ad on the website or on a job site and wait for the applications to come in. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you’ll get a glut of CVs but a large proportion are not suitable or they haven’t understood the job role. You may hold interviews and some don’t even turn up or you may set someone on who found the role wasn’t as they expected and they leave within a few weeks or months and then you’re back to square one. It’s not that the right candidates aren’t out there, it’s that you had no strategy when it came to recruiting for that role.

The value of strategic recruitment

We established Integrated Recruitment Ltd to help companies in this position because we can provide a service that just doesn’t seem to be easily accessible for small to medium companies. We’re not a recruitment agency; we don’t take your job role and come back with a handful of candidates for you to interview. What we do is work with you to take a step back and create a strategy for your recruitment that supports your business goals. That starts with creating the right job description that meets the needs of the business now and for the future (not how the business was when the job was last advertised), looks at how best to reach the right candidates and puts processes in place for the whole recruitment journey, right through to inducting your new employee so they can hit the ground running.

We develop the right recruitment strategy for your business and work with you over time to give you the skills and expertise to implement it yourselves. Equally, we can support you on an ongoing basis like a virtual recruitment manager.

We know that once these ways of working are ingrained in an organisation’s culture, the benefits can be staggering. Just take a look at some of the results we’ve achieved in other businesses. We can work with your existing staff and with the right systems in place, recruitment doesn’t have to become a burden or distraction from existing workload.

Get in touch with us now to start improving the way you recruit and retain staff.

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