Recruitment Case Study: Right Medicine Pharmacy

Case Study

Creating a consistent recruitment system for all sites

This case study outlines the issues that Right Medicine Pharmacy came to us with, and the solution that we put in place to resolve them.


Right Medicine Pharmacy is a pharmacy business with 27 branches across Scotland. They engaged Integrated Recruitment Ltd to create a recruitment strategy for them that would deal with the following issues:

  • High volumes of applications making the process time consuming
  • Lack of consistency in the way recruitment was managed across different branches
  • High turnover of new starters

Initial Findings

When we looked into these issues and the recruitment processes being implemented, we found that there was no proper system in place to handle applications and that managers had little experience or training in recruitment; specifically, interview technique.

The Solution

We felt that managers in branches were more than capable of conducting recruitment, they just needed a great process putting in place, supported by some tools and skills development.

Our solution, therefore, was a three stage process:

  1. Create consistent jobs descriptions and ads
    This meant that the same job descriptions could be used across all branches. Not only was this useful for recruitment but also for guiding development for those already in those roles. Job advertisements could then be aligned to these job descriptions, to give an accurate representation of the roles, and the values of the company, to applicants. This was designed to manage expectations and thereby reduce the volume of applications from unsuitable candidates.

  2. Create interview guidance
    To help managers maximise their interviews, we created an interview guidance booklet. This consolidates training that we provided but could also be used by new managers going forward to help them interview consistently across the group. As well as providing a range of generic questions appropriate for all roles, some specific questions were devised relating to each individual role. Not only does this allow managers to acquire the right information to make considered decisions, it could feed this insight into development plans for successful candidates.

  3. Training and Development
    In conjunction with the interview guidance created, development sessions were delivered for all managers around recruitment and selection, and implementing the guidance in practice. Support on GDPR and an Applicant Tracking System were also incorporated into this training.


Richard Stephenson, commercial director and chief operating officer of Right Medicine, spoke of the outcomes of the support provided by Integrated Recruitment Ltd:

“I have been super impressed by the outcomes of this project. I initially spoke to Charly about some guidance on a fresh approach to recruitment, this soon expanded into a much bigger project of reviewing our job descriptions, adverts (including a move to a dedicated platform) and also our interview process. Off the back on this I have already seen a higher quality of candidate being recruited, and more structure from my managers when asked to recruit. I would highly recommend Charly if you are looking to freshen things up and become more compliant.”

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