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Our main goal is to help you improve the way you source, secure and retain staff, by giving you the long term tools to attract talent effectively.

We can help you achieve this by aiding with:


Please note: Our offering is not limited to the services listed above, if you do need help with any aspect of the hiring process then give us a call, we are always willing to help.

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All businesses are familiar with recruitment agencies, and they can offer a valuable service for the right roles, but the key to really effective recruitment is to adopt and implement the right recruitment strategy.

We offer something different to a recruitment agency: we create the right recruitment strategy to support the long term success of your business. This starts with succession planning and defining the recruitment requirements for the business. This will incorporate understanding what you really need from your new hires and creating meaningful job descriptions, right through to inducting your new employee so they can hit the ground running.

This holistic approach to recruitment will save you time and money – not just in terms of saving agency fees but in having the right person in the role, at the right time who will make a long term impact. We work with you to develop the right recruitment strategy for your business.

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Logic dictates that you can’t expect an employee to perform successfully in their role if that role was never defined in a way that worked for the needs of the business. If the job description is not right, you could potentially be setting up your new employee to fail.
We can help you build a framework for reviewing job descriptions as part of your overall recruitment strategy. Only by really getting to the heart of what that role needs to achieve, and clearly demonstrating the benefits of being part of your team, can you hope to attract the right people.

We can also help you select the most appropriate channels for advertising your positions because this will vary from role to role.

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There are a number of tools for managing your recruitment that can make your systems more streamlined and efficient, as well as reach the most appropriate candidates. From the channels you use to advertise: including your own website, external job sites and social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook; to applicant tracking systems, video interviewing, assessment centres and even using sites such as Glassdoor to make sure your organisation is represented positively, there are many options at your disposal. Using the right tools will enhance your recruitment but it’s hard to know where to start. We can help you access and utilise the most appropriate recruitment tools for your business.
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Rather than casting your net wide, some roles require a more focused approach. Headhunting is all about identifying specific people with the appropriate skills and experience and making a proactive approach. We can help you define which rolls can best be filled by headhunting and offering this as service to secure the right candidates (who may not be looking to move and would therefore not necessarily notice your position advertised through regular channels).
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Interviews offer a short window of time to effectively assess a candidate’s suitability for the role so you need to use that time well. We can help you develop the most appropriate way for selecting your shortlist as well as how to get the best from your interviewees. Remember, of course, that your candidates are gauging your company’s suitability for their career as much as you are assessing them, so maximising this opportunity is essential for both parties.

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The area of legislation in recruitment is complex and continuously evolving. While no employer deliberately sets out to discriminate, it can be all too easy to fall short of the law – even in something as simple as the vocabulary used. GDPR legislation, and ensuring that candidate’s data is processed and stored correctly, is also a vital component of any recruitment process. We can help you navigate this potentially difficult area, remaining compliant throughout.

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So, once you have written your job description, advertised your role, interviewed and appointed a candidate then the recruitment process is finished, right? Actually, no. We consider inducting a new team member into their role and helping them make a positive impact quickly to be as essential a part of recruitment as placing the job ad. Effective induction, that can commence prior to them even starting their new job, can make the transition smoother for both the employer and employee. We can help you implement induction and onboarding strategies that help your new staff members to hit the ground running.

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We can develop recruitment strategies and processes for you but we can also train and support your staff to build their skills and expertise in this area. We can deliver training and development on all areas of recruitment, either as part of a wider package of support or as standalone workshops. Learn best practice in recruitment from our highly experienced and qualified trainers.

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