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Here at Integrated Recruitment, we take a strategic approach
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  1. Do you find recruitment overwhelming, expensive and time consuming?
  2. Do you struggle to find the right people at the right time?
  3. Are you frustrated by high turnover of staff and how it impacts the success of your business? 
  • We understand that a business’ greatest resource is its people.
  • We also appreciate attracting and retaining those people can be a complex process.
  • We recognise that for many recruitment is seen as a costly exercise, however when done correctly it is an investment in your company.

We look to your business goals and how we align your talent strategy to this, all of our services are tailor made to your business – however we have created three key services to showcase how we can work together.

Integrated Recruitment Team / RPO

Your virtual recruitment department

We’ll work with you to understand your current challenges and what you’d like to achieve.  Sit back and we’ll both design and deliver your solution, working as your in-house recruitment team. 

What can you expect?  We’ll manage all elements of the recruitment process and support you with strategic plans, talent management, retention, and measuring success.


Just want someone to source the right talent in a challenging market?

We’ll talk to you to understand your requirements and set to work to find you the right person to build the capability of your business.  We’ll write your job description, advert & interview questions and manage the recruitment process for you from start to finish.

Building Blocks to Recruit

Increase your in-house recruitment capability

We will use our expertise to train and develop your existing team, enabling them to build a strong foundation and develop their own talent acquisition strategies.  We will work with them to develop candidate journeys, recruitment and selection processes, careers pages, applicant tracking systems, onboarding processes and referral schemes.