The Integrated Recruitment process: Helping you hire top talent

The Integrated Recruitment process

A growing number of businesses are opting to hand their recruitment reins over to an external provider, but this decision is only the first step in the process. Next, you need to decide which company is best suited to helping you hit your recruitment and wider company goals.

Here at Integrated Recruitment, we take enormous pride in delivering meaningful support to our clients every step of the recruitment process, from the very first discovery call to the new employee’s first day on the job.

If you’re looking to form a partnership with a dedicated team of experienced recruitment professionals, here’s a typical (but by no means exclusive) client journey with us.

Phase 1: Getting to know each other

Understanding your business

Regardless of how you first got in touch with us, we’ll always start the process in the same way; by booking an initial discovery call.

In a nutshell, the aim of this call is to get to know each other a little better. We’ll ask you questions about why you reached out to us, what it is you’re looking for in a recruitment partner, and what you’re hoping to achieve by working with us.

In exchange, we’ll tell you a little bit about Integrated Recruitment and the hard-working people behind the business. We’ll also touch on our three core packages and talk you through a typical recruitment process with us (though, if this blog achieves what it set out to, you should have a basic understanding of this already).

Agreeing to the terms

After this initial discussion, the next step is to pull a tailored proposal together.

This proposal will outline the type and level of support that would be most beneficial to your company from a commercial and strategic standpoint. It will also recommend the most suitable package based on your unique requirements.

Once you’ve received your proposal, the decision lies firmly with you. We will only ask you to sign a statement of work once you’re completely happy with the terms laid out.

At this stage of the process, we’ll also provide a detailed breakdown of what your business should do and what our business should do to make the proposed plan a success. Having a clear task list is the best way to ensure everybody is working towards the same goal.

Phase 2: Forming a partnership

With all the relevant documentation signed and a rough plan of action agreed on, it’s time to book a second meeting to delve into your business a little deeper.

This meeting, which would ideally take place on-site but can be conducted online, is arguably the most critical part of the process. It gives us an invaluable opportunity to understand more about:

  • Your unique company culture
  • Your current team structure
  • Any specific business objectives that tie in with your recruitment goals
  • What has worked well for you in previous recruitment drives (and what hasn’t)

We’ll also work to understand more about the role you’re looking to fill. Such questions might include:

  • What would the role entail?
  • Why is the position required?
  • Is there career progression and how does this look?
  • What level of experience should the successful applicant have?

Once we’ve built a crystal-clear picture, we’ll assign your company a dedicated Senior Recruitment Advisor and Recruitment Advisor. They will be your main point of contact throughout the process and will work hard to source, hire, and onboard the most suitable candidate for the role.

Phase 3: Finding and attracting candidates 


Over the years, our approach to sourcing top talent has changed in response to a changing market.

A few years ago, a well-written and actively promoted job advert was enough to guarantee an influx of top talent. Now, the most effective recruitment method is headhunting due to the candidate-driven nature of the market.

Also known as executive search, headhunting takes the chance out of candidate attraction. Rather than waiting for the right candidate to reach out, headhunters actively seek the right people for the job.

It’s a time-consuming process, but we firmly believe it results in a stronger candidate pool. That’s why we use this method to fill the vast majority of roles for our clients.


Once we’ve approached and liaised with several suitable candidates, we’ll turn our attention to the interviewing phase, which we oversee from start to finish.

This part of the process includes: 

  • Initial in-depth telephone interviews
  • Full CV reviews
  • Online or face-to-face interviews (depending on location)

Because we aren’t like a typical recruitment agency, we rarely work with two companies at the same time that are recruiting for a similar position. Therefore, we can safely say that every candidate is briefed and interviewed specifically for the role you’re hiring. This ensures minimal fallout from the process.


Once we’ve conducted all interviews, you might think that our work here is done, but that’s certainly not the case.

We know from experience how overwhelming a long list of suitable candidates can be to work through, which is why we continue to review and refine our list until we have no more than four candidates.

Once we’re 100% happy with the quality of our shortlist, we’ll send all the information you’ll need to start your own interview process.

Client interviews

For us, shortlisting is one of the most challenging parts of the process, but we do it to make this next stage simpler for our clients.

Conducting your own interviews and narrowing down a list of well-suited candidates is difficult, but it’s much easier when the list consists of just four names. We also help to make the process easier by:

  • Briefing the candidates on your behalf
  • Carrying out job interview preparation with the candidates to make them feel as confident as possible
  • Sending maps and directions to the candidates (if the interviews are virtual, we’ll send all relevant log-in details and instructions)
  • Following up with the candidates after their interviews
  • Supporting you with the interviews themselves

Phase 4: Hiring and onboarding top talent

Offering the role

Once you’ve selected the most suitable candidate, we’ll work together to agree on the best possible package for the candidate and for you as the client. When you’re happy with the terms of the package, we’ll position the offer to the candidate and prep you on the risks of a counter offer.


The final stage of the process is often overlooked by recruiters and hiring managers alike, but it can have a considerable impact on the overall success of your recruitment drive.

Staff onboarding is the process of fully integrating a new employee into a company and its culture, and we help our clients manage this part of the process too.

Once the candidate has accepted the job, we’ll send a card to congratulate them on their new role, provide them with all the information they’ll need for their first day, and check-in with them regularly until they’re officially on-site with you.

We’ll also be by your side throughout to answer any questions you might have and provide further onboarding tips. When we say we offer meaningful support to our clients every step of the recruitment process, we mean it!

The Integrated Recruitment process

And there you have it, the typical journey our clients will follow when looking to source, attract, and onboard ‘one-off’ hires.

If you’d like to find out more about this process or hear the added extras that come with our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) package, reach out to a member of our friendly recruitment team here.

We’re always happy to help.

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